Celebrating 80 Years

The sisters of the Region of St. Clare came together to congratulate Sr. Marwiga on her eight decades of life.

Sr. Marwiga is the youngest of the German sisters in South Africa who just celebrated her big round birthday. The Mbongolwane sisters made decoration and set up for the party the night before. The next morning Holy Mass was specially offered for Sr. Marwiga. Fr. Masondo asked the ‘birthday girl’ to come to the altar to receive a special blessing. “It is a honour and privilege for me to touch your forehead”, Father said to Sister, as the Zulu culture prohibits a young person to touch an elder’s forehead. After Mass the sisters and Father had a well prepared breakfast and sung happy birthday songs to Sr. Marwiga.

At midday the sisters from Eshowe joined in the celebration. They had a delicious lunch cooked by Sr. Patronella. Later on there was a session of cutting of the cakes. In front of Sr. Marwiga there was a vase with only just water. Each sister had a flower to put in after saying a birthday wish to their fellow sister. The celebration continued with fun and laughter.

Text by: Sr. Maria Machi

Photos by: Sr. Fortunata Makwaba




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