Antonia-Werr-Crèche is a preschool, run on the premises of the mission station in Mbongolwane. The crèche opened its doors in 1990, founded by two Holy Childhood Sisters, who started with a small group of 18 children. From its opening, the crèche served a great need in the rural area, where quality preschools are rare and difficult to reach for many children. Until today, minimum fees make it possible to accomodate children from many local families.

Early childhood development

Today, the preschool is run by Sr. Bongiwe Xulu and her team of three employees. Currenty, it hosts 69 kids (30 boys, 39 girls) between 2,5 and 6 years. Our work focuses on early childhood development and christian education; daily activities include rhymes, songs, dancing and outdoor games. Antonia-Werr-Crèche has produced policemen, teachers, social workers and nurses.

Antonia-Werr-Crèche is a registered NPO (103-462-NPO).