Through our daily contact with people in need, three traits place their imprint on our spiritual life: Love of truth, becoming a human being and the attitude of service.

It is truth, which is to serve our life as a principle consecration. God is eternal truth and only if we live in it and according to it will we be pleasing to God.

Our foundress Antonia Werr gave us the name Servants of the Holy Childhood of Jesus. Every 25th of the month, we pray devotional prayers to the child Jesus. However, we are looking for the incarnation of God all year: In ourselves, in the word of God and in other people.

Helping people abandoned by society

As Holy Childhood Sisters we belong to the Franciscan family. The strong interior attraction to the mystery of the Incarnation unites us to St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi. Like them, we stand by people in need, who live on the margins of society.

We are humble and do not place ourselves above others. Instead, we become their companions. In her testament Mother Antonia writes: “Bear in mind that you call yourselves servants, not daughters, not sisters nor women but servants!”