The novitiate ends with the first profession. Before taking these vows, a sister must renounce all secular goods, for example property or other assets.

After first profession the sister starts her juniorate, which takes three years. She is assigned to a convent, works in her profession and takes her place in the community. The juniorate is a time to verify whether she wants to confine to God permanently and live as a Holy Childhood Sister. During the juniorate, the directress of juniors is the sister’s contact person and superior. She ensures that at least twice a year all sisters as a group participate in religious ongoing formations.

The juniorate ends with the final profession, which concludes the education of a sister. She now becomes a member of our Congregation for life, with all rights and duties attached.

Directress of juniors

Sr. Assumpta Hadebe
072 757 22 46