How we live


A devoted life

As sisters we live in small communities, which is also an essential expression of our life as religious. In order to safeguard our community life, we live in convents. Between three and twenty sisters can live together.

With a lively sense of belonging together, we let ourselves be formed by the word of God, prayer, by a boundless love of truth and sincerity, listening to one another in conversation and in silence and attentive to the signs of the times.

As members of a community we are at the service of one another. Believing in the mystery of the human person, we treat each other with respect. Each person should humbly consider others to be better than herself.

Standing by each other

We stand by one another and complement one another in the tasks and services entrusted to us. In this way we are a mutual support and protection for one another. Each sister shares responsibility for the common life of the convent.

In all things we let ourselves be guided by the spirit of poverty and are accountable to each other. Every sister works for the benefit of the congregation, some sisters inside the community (kitchen, sewing center, garden). Others operate outside our congregation: They are nursing, do social work or teach in schools.

We seek a balanced rhythm of prayer and apostolic work, silence and inner recollection, service to the community and recreation and a responsible balance between personal freedom and cultivation of community life. We assemble daily for prayer and meals, with a spirit of joyful commitment.