Who we are

A franciscan community

We are a community of women, who live together in a close relationship to God: The Servants of the Holy Childhood of Jesus. Our congregation is Roman-Catholic, and we belong to the Franciscan family as a part of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis.

1. Our form of life as Franciscans is to observe the Holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, by living in celibate chastity, poverty and obedience.

2. God is Truth: Jesus Christ witnessed to the truth with his whole life, this truth should mould our lives too.

3. The mystery of the Incarnation of God: The child, our Lord and Master, gives our Congregation its special hallmark. We meet Him on his journey from the manger to the cross, in word and sacrament and in every human being.

4. We are Servants and devote our ministry to people in need: The self-giving love of Jesus is what impels us, to be especially close to the poor. In this love our service becomes fruitful: respecting and protecting the indestructible dignity of every person. Our ministry to women in need exemplifies what we believe valid for all people.

Our charism is expressed in our Name (Servants of the Holy Childhood of Jesus OSF). Symbols of our Charism are on our medal and our Profession Ring, which show the Blessed Mother, St. Francis and the Tau Cross.