Holy Childhood School: On track for 2021

While the second wave of the corona virus in South Africa has lost strength, Holy Childhood School continues to open its doors for all learners, making sure to observe all Covid 19 protocols stringently.

The Department of Education had decided that schools should not start in early January because the country was at the peak of the second wave of the virus. However schools who were ready to open were wallowed to go ahead. HCS was prepared to reopen but felt it was safe to wait as Eshowe was a hotspot.

In the beginning of February the teachers returned first to prepare revision work packs to send to learners at home. The school also welcomed a new teacher who will be teaching grades 5-7. A few days later the new grade 00 and 1 learners came to school for orientation – to be introduced to new classroom settings and routine. On the 15th the school was officially opened for all grades. Upon arrival and at the end of the day all the children sanitize hands and get temperatures taken by the teachers. There are not more than 33 learners in each classroom. Every child sits on a single table and ensures to have their mask on at all times. At break times they sit on the fields which have markings to keep distance. Sports continue to be an essential part of the school curriculum however the only sport that could be offered at this time is swimming and physical activities that do not require physical contact. “I miss going to Church”, shared one learner. Before corona the school attended Holy Mass at the Cathedral every Thursday – unfortunately this can not go on as HCS has over 280 learners and this would be breaking Covid 19 regulations. On the brighter side the school as embarked on two projects this year.  STEAM is an acronym that stands for Science Technology Arts and Mathematics. This establishment aims to connect these subjects at a creative level to ensure that all learners leave the school well equipped for high school. The heARTroom was also launched where the learners get an opportunity to learn and explore their creativity through art.

HCS will continue to ensure safety to its pupils and looks forward to a great academic year.

Text by: Sr. Maria Machi

Photos by: HCS teachers


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