Sr. Maria Machi appointed acting principal of Mbongolwane crèche

One of our young sisters, Sr. Maria Machi, has been appointed acting principal of Antonia-Werr-Crèche in Mbongolwane. She takes over the responsibilities of Sr. Bongiwe Xulu, who requested a sabbatical leave.

The new year at Antonia-Werr-Crèche in Mbongolwane starts with exciting news: 25-year-old Sr. Maria Machi has been appointed acting principal of the preschool in January. She will take over responsibilities from Sr. Bongiwe Xulu. In the future, Sr. Maria will be responsible for more than 70 children from the ages of three to five. She is running the preschool with five staff members, specializing in Early Childhood Development, basic reading and writing skills and a playful learning approach. Learners visit Antonie-Werr-Crèche from 8am to 1pm during the week, sometimes with extra care in the afternoon hours. They receive daily meals, learn and play and practice their English skills during class. “I am very much looking forward to bring in the knowledge from my studies, work with the children and prepare them for their schooling career”, says Sr. Maria.

Sr. Maria Machi (left) and Sr. Bongiwe Xulu

Sabbatical for Sr. Bongiwe Xulu

Her new job comes after years of working at Holy Childhood School, where she spent her days as an assistant teacher in Grade R preschool. At the same time, she successfully finished her education and studies in Early Childhood Development. Within the congregation of the Holy Childhood Sisters, she has been transferred from Eshowe convent to Mbongolwane convent, while Sr. Bongiwe Xulu has taken the opposite route. The 50-year-old has requested a sabbatical year after many years of service at Antonia-Werr-Crèche. At present, she is staying at Cedara, Pietermaritzburg, where she is attending religious classes and seminars. “I felt very tired lately, and I am looking forward to regain some strength in the upcoming months of my sabbatical”, says Sr. Bongiwe. Her fellow sisters wish her all the best and look forward to welcome her back in their midst very soon.

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