Grade 000 opening at HCS

The Holy Childhood School has decided to open a Grade 000 as there is a vacant space and a need which will set a good foundation for little ones before they begin formal schooling.

Holy Childhood School has decided to extend the school to incorporate a 3 – 4 year old age group.  The decision was made to open a Grade 000, limiting the numbers to 12 children due to the small area.  The group is going to be run by Mrs. Lisa-Marie Keightley and an assistant, Simphiwe. Besides this being a good financial decision, it will also allow for access to quality schooling from a young age.  Children will be exposed to English from a much earlier age hereby ultimately improving the standard within the Pre-primary and Primary School. This grade’s focus will be on children Learning through Play. Children will be accepted according to the School’s Admission Policy, giving Catholic children first choice.

Earlier this year, Fruity Tots – run by Mrs. Kim Dellis – informed Holy Childhood School that she will not be returning to the school premises. Fruity Tots had officially been operating on the school premises from 2018, when Mrs. Dellis had rented space for her independent crèche that catered for children from the age of 3 years. At times, children younger than three were taken in. Mrs. Dellis accommodated up to 20 children on the premises. With the repairs to the school hall and crèche roof Mrs Dellis made the decision to temporarily move her school to the Presbyterian Church Hall.  Being there she found that the additional space suited her better than the rented rooms at Holy Childhood School.

HCS is very excited about the school extension and views it as a positive move for both the school and the community.

Grade 000 building

Lisa-Marie Keightley


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