Happy Anniversaries

In the midst of the Covid 19 restrictions it was possible for the Region of St. Clare to celebrate the Jubilees of three Sisters.

In June, the Region of St. Clare celebrated the 60th and 65th Jubilees of Sr. Fidelis, Sr. Gregoria and Sr. Rose. The Eucharist celebration took place in St. Benedict Cathedral, led by the Cathedral Administator, Fr. Victor Chavunga OSB. Present there were also Fr. Malusi Ncanana from Eshowe Diocese, Fr. Vincent Bwete from Ntabankulu Deacon and Xolani Jafta from the Diocese of Eshowe. There were no other guest invited due to the pandemic – except for the Sisters of the Region, Sr. Katharina, our Mother General from Germany together with Sr. Juliana, who is a Generalate councillor.

Sr. Fidelis made her first profession in May 1960 and moved to South Africa in 1963. Since then she worked as a teacher in the Holy Childhood School (HCS). Due to Covid 19 she is currently not directly involved in teaching the children. Behind the curtains, she is still part of the school team, as she prepares the Religious Education lessons for HCS. Sr. Gregoria celebrated her temporary profession in May 1961, together with her biological sister, Sr. Silvia. After working in the Region of the Holy Family in America in 1996, she was called to South Africa and served as a Regional Superior for over 13 years. When her term ended, she continued to support the Region in many ways. She now lives in Eshowe Convent and is assisting wherever she is needed. Sr. Rose also made her first vows in May 1961 and four years later left for South Africa. She lived in Mbongolwane and Eshowe serving in the sewing centre, hospital, garden and laundry.

After Holy Mass the sisters and the priests shared lunch together in the convent dining room. The sisters are grateful to God for the lives and service of these three Sisters and continue to wish them well.

Text by: Sr. Maria Machi
Photos by: Sr. Juliana Seelmann

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