Sr. Fidelis turns 85

Sisters and friends gathered together to show love to Sr. Fidelis on her special day.

Sr. Fidelis has just turned 85 and her sisters made sure to make it a memorable day. The Sisters from Mbongolwane and St. Clare Formation House gathered in Eshowe convent to celebrate their fellow Sister’s birthday together with her community. Sr. Fidelis’ friends and Fr. Victor OSB from St. Benedict Cathedral were also invited to spend the day with her. Everyone had a well prepared lunch in the dining room. Afterwards Sr. Assumpta presented Sr. Fidelis with a gift from the whole Region. “We thank you for all your hard work you do in the school and in your community”, Sr. Assumpta said. All guests sang “Happy Birthday” and had plenty of cake.

At a very young age of fifteen years, Sr. Fidelis decided to commit her life to God as Religious Sister of the Holy Childhood Sisters. It was also her deepest desire to become a missionary. Her dreams came true when she had to leave Germany for South Africa 58 years ago. For all these years Sr. Fidelis has been serving at the Holy Childhood School. She continues to be a great asset to the school as she is currently not teaching the children due to Covid 19 because of her age. She still prepares RE lessons and the liturgy for School Mass.

The Sisters are thankful to God for the life and service of their fellow and pray for her continued good health. Sr. Fidelis was also very grateful to her “family” for doing something so special for her. It was a lovely day.

Text by: Sr. Maria Machi

Photos by: Ori Vermaak

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