Sisters’ outing

The temporary professed sisters embarked on an adventure at PheZulu Safari park.

A little while back the juniorate sisters and their formator had an outing at PheZulu Safari Park. The purpose of this trip was to welcome Sr. Fortunata who had recently made her vows into the group.

The newly professed had no idea of the reason of the trip as it was meant to be a surprise. There was a lot of excitement as we sang and danced to the music in the car for not less than three hours drive. When we arrived at the destination we began our day with a 3 kilometre hike. It was all fun but challenging as well as the route was very steep and the weather was extremely hot. Nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves and motivated each other when we were tired. It was only at table when we were having lunch that we revealed to Sr. Fortunata the actual occasion. ” Thank you so much, I really wasn’t expecting this”, exclaimed Sr. Fortunata with joy.

After our meal we continued having a pleasurable time together with what PheZulu Safari Park had in store for us. We watched the Zulu dance and visited the reptile park where we had a crocodile show and saw other reptiles. It was indeed a fun day.

Text by: Sr. Maria Machi

Photos by: Sr. Fortunata Makwaba

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