As a young sister it is a distinct privilege for me to work to work with the Young Adults of the parish. This group has taught me life’s lesson and patience and I am truly grateful.

Last year I was approached by our Cathedral Adminstrator, Fr. Victor Chavunga OSB to be involved in starting of a Young Adults group in the parish. The Church officially labelled Young Adults as those persons ages 18 to 39 but this concept has changed over the years. Before Father’s thought of establishing this group the Cathedral only had the YOUTH group existing. Many were teenager and still in high school and a number were already working and were young mothers and fathers. Seeing that they have different needs and cannot relate with each other’s issues there was great need to have separate groups.

On the day that Fr. Victor addressed me I met with four “young adults” and we discussed how can we make the group active. We then organized a braai and invited young working people and young parents of the parish. A few attended so we spent time to socialize and got to know each other. We then set Fridays to be our meeting days. On the first official meeting it was still just a number of people who came nevertheless we continued and drafted a year plan. Most of the activities planned were community service such as visiting the hospital and St. Joseph CYCC, giving food and clothing and also visiting our local Churches. We also take up ministries on certain Masses and sometimes lead Stations of the Cross during Lent. Apart from that we have fun days. We go out together for lunch or supper occasionally and we celebrate our birthdays together as well.

During the Friday meetings we do Bible sharing based on the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel. I’ve gained much from this as it has fed me spiritually from listening to what the others receive in word of God and from their experiences. One of the group’s highest point was our trip to Ngome Marian Shrine for the weekend. For most of them it was the first time going there. We were all deeply moved and came back renewed in faith and hope.

The group has also faced challenges. A number of members left and seven remained. At some point the group stared slacking. Certain members started not coming to meetings anymore which made it very difficult to make decisions or whenever we had a commitment maybe only four would be available. This lack dedication began to worry me and even got me annoyed to the extent that I wanted to leave the group. I spoke to one of the members who is very loyal in the group and she shared the same concern with me but urged me that I shouldn’t give up on them rather we should pray for the situation to get better. I used the words of our Mother Foundress “Trust him, he leads you, he guides you, have courage!” as my motivation to carry on. I also learnt that this is also part of my charism as a Holy Childhood Sister, to empower others especially those who are looked down upon in the society.

Regardless of everything that is negative we might have come across we are very united. It has been such a blessing to learn from other’s different views, experiences and personalities. The group’s openness has been amazing, and this is what makes this group special. I do not regret being part of this lovely family. I am truly grateful.

Text by: Sr. Maria Machi

Photos by: Young Adults Members



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