The Sewing Project

The sewing project – launched by our congregation in 2014 – gives local women an opportunity to generate income for their families by learning to sew, opening their own business or find employment in the sewing industry. Today, it is conducted by the Development Department of the Diocese of Eshowe, supported by the ILD (Internationaler Laendlicher Entwicklungsdienst) and the German NPO Yebo Zululand Initiativen. All courses are performed at Bishop Biyase Development Center in Eshowe.

There is a great need for the production of school uniforms in rural areas, so transport costs to cities or towns for families can be avoided. The course enables local women to acquire the basic skills of sewing: a sheet, pillow case, small boy’s shirt and trouser, petticoat, blouse, pinafore, lady’s skirts, school uniform etc.

Spreading the knowledge

Since its launch, more than 60 ladies have been trained in a three months course (full-time). In additional courses, these women are qualified to build self-dependent sewing workshops in their local communities in remote rural areas.

Currently we are training four women. There is one teacher and one seamstress who is sewing for schools.

More Information:

Sr. Teressa Zungu
082 093 20 02